« Thanks Jeff … you’re the best! »

– Tina, Client –

« Thanks Jeff. Your Documents are always so clear and easy to follow … you should train all the other brokers. »

– Patricia, Underwriter –

« You’re a great worker, professional, and have the clients best interests at heart … glad you’re on the DLC Mortgage Shop team.”

– Roger, Franchise Owner –

“Thank you Jeff for your prompt attention to your files. You are an absolute pleasure to work with.”

– Maria, Law Office –

“Jeff, you are just too good. You are not a typical Broker!”

– Lena, Underwriter –

“Jeff’s applications are very well put together, with excellent broker notes! Jeff is very friendly to speak with and is very prompt at reading/responding to e-mails. Good Brokers come and go; GREAT Brokers deserve to know who they are!”

– Sheldon, Underwriter –